25th Silver Jubilee Celebration

Life is busy with each one of us. Life is brief. What seemed like a long journey now seems like the blink of an eye, dream, a page turned over. The gathering together on 4 February, 2023 shows that we all have time for that what is important ; what is cherished, loved, valued and held dear to our hearts.

4 February, 2023 stood to be nostalgic and ecstatic as De Pual Public School, Thodupuzha, commemorated its 25th year of its inception ( The Silver Jubilee Celebration ). The ceremonious and formal function was set off at 4.30 pm and the stage was replete with the inestimable and ineluctable presence of the Most Reverend Mar George Madathikandathil (The Bishop if Kothamangalam Diocese), Very Rev. Fr John Kabdathinkara(The Superior General of Vincentian Congregation ), Rev. Fr. Mathew Kakkattupillil (The Provincial of Kottayam Province ), Rev.Fr.Thomas Thekkemury( The Manager), Mr. Lal Jose ( Film Director),Mr .Roshi Augustine ( The Minister for Water Resources), Mr. Dean Kuriakose (The Idukki MP(, Sree P J Joseph ( The MLA of Thodupuzha ), Mr. Muhammed Afsal (The Ward Counsellor ), Dr. Jerin Romeo ( The Alumni of De Paul Public School), Mr. Heji Cherian (The PTA President ), Sri. Aneesh P D (The Staff Secretary), Master Adithyan Mohan(The Head Boy and Mastres Melissa Myladoor ( The Head Girl).

Silver Jubilee has a special significance in the life of any institution as ut signifies a coming of age and maturity. The one who blessed De Paul Public School was the incalculable aura of The Most Reverend Mar George Madathikandathil, The Bishop of Kothamangalam Diocese, who inaugurated the Housing Project initiated by the school and the inauguration of Swimming Pool Project wad done by Mr. Lal Jose. The  indubitable and inducing inaugural speech made by the Minster, Mr. Roshi Augustine, was contextual and conducive to the listeners.


Immediately after the formal function and tp append condiment to the same, the Depaulians made a wonderment of pageantry on the stage. The exercise of singing, dancing and mimicking is delightful to people. Then the stage was taken over by Cochin Harisree. They made a jamboree of events which took the entire audience to the zenith of thrill, excitement and titillation.


A Flash Mob is a group of people who assemble  suddenly in a public place, perform for brief time,  then quickly disperse, often for the purpose of entertainment, satire and artistic expression. The students of De Paul Public School also made spine-tingling dance performance in the public place to create an awareness on drug abuse and drug addiction which was held on 23 January, 2023 as part of the Jubilee celebration of the school.



De Paul Public School always takes its pupils along the untraversed roads of various experiences which might turn into reflector studs in the later years their lives. If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.

The school organized in conduits Marathon on 11 February, 2023 to spread the message of anti- drug  as part of celebrating the jubilee of its inception.