PTA Meeting 2019



With nearly a quarter of India's population being in the age of attending school and college, whether our demographic situation is an asset for our country or not depends on the quality of their learning. Knowledge, skills and expertise are the key enablers for maintaining our economic growth momentum. Knowing the need of parent’s gentle and genuine approach to the students, The DePaul Public School held a session for parents and their wards on 9th July 2019 in the school Auditorium. Mr Benny Kurian, a resource person who is affluent, opulent and swanky in grooming and currying the individual perceptions and discernment, took class for parents. According to him, Parents involvement in a child’s education is consistently found to be positively associated with a child’s academic performance. According to him, the definition is parent and teachers sharing a responsibility to help their children learn and meet educational goals. Parents commit to patronizing their child’s educational goals, and teachers commit to listening and providing a space for collaboration with parents. Finally, Rev.Fr. Jose Basil, The Director, addressed the parents informing that strict measures would be taken and implemented so as to make students speak English.