DeLa (Kindergarten) - Arts Fest 2019

"Arts has the Power to Transform, to Illuminate, to Educate, to Inspire and to Motivate."


Every year we conduct Arts Fest in accordance with Children’s day Celebrations. Kindergarten students will take part in various completions. The purpose of such a Festival is to give students an opportunity to experience the joy of performing in front of their peers, friends, teachers and others. It is not only an occasion to showcase their hard work and talents, but also a true testimony and reflection of good teaching, support and constant encouragement. It is important to remember that although this event is a competition; our main goal is to make the day enjoyable and memorable for our students. Always we focus on using this event to continue to build their self-esteem and confidence.   An extremely successful and fun filled Arts Fest was conducted in our prestigious institution. The competitions were held for two days .On 11th November 2019 it started with Action song & Elocution and proceeded towards the end on 13th November with Dance, Family Fancy Dress & Flower Arrangement.  These were aimed at including all creative and intellectual aspects of knowledge. All participants were extremely eager and showed off a treasure trove of talent. Including all creative and intellectual aspects of knowledge. The presence, support and participation of the Parents in various competitions was much appreciated, as they stand as the strong pillars for their kids.

Azaniya Aswini was selected as Kalathilakam & Fleix Robin as Kalaprathiba of LKG.

Eva Maria Joby was as selected as Kalathilakam & Evaan Roshan as Kalaprathiba of UKG.